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Realistic guidance to help you
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When faced with legal issues in a business setting, it’s good to have access to a corporate counselor who knows the realities of the business world. Jim Rupp has more than 27 years of hands-on experience, helping managers and executives navigate complex issues in employment law. He is equipped to provide clear, concise and practical solutions to your present and potential problems—all at an affordable cost.

The driving philosophy behind Jim’s approach is Do the Right Thing, from both the practical and legal standpoints. The sound way for a business to reduce the risks of legal claims is to integrate Do the Right Thing into its business culture. The question isn’t always whether conduct is legal or not: it’s whether a possible course is the best way to go. Experience suggests that a Do the Right Thing approach is the best way to achieve better outcomes. To learn more about how Jim can help, please explore the topic-specific sections of this website.

Jim Rupp PLLC: Your Sound Counselor